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Hey it is elle fanning and i just wanted to say thankyou for checking out my blog.
each week i will put a new one in and send me a message which you can find at the home page.

Thankyou for being fans

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all love,
elle fanning x


hey guys this is elle
i am reading breaking dawn at the moment and it is late at night which is really cool.
i have been doing school and having fun aswell it has been so much fun spending time with my friends.

i have been commented saying i should be in breaking dawn movie i hope there is one but i dont know if i will be in it :(

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thanks for being fans,
all love,
elle fanning x
Okay so i havent blogged in ages well here you go.
well i only have 1 twitter & i go on there everyday whaay :-)
and newmoon is out soon i cant wait premiere in 12 days and dakota has her twitter back

Ok so if you have any questions tweet me them.

Q1: Do you have myspace or facebook?
A: No i dont only twitter so dont believe any fakes.

Q: have you read all the twilight saga books?
A: Yes i have i love all the books and all the movies

Q: Do you like harry potter?
A: Yes i do i am a fan of the books and movies i cant wait for the 7th film yayy :)

Q: Are you Homeschooled or do you go to public school?
A: i go to public school called campbell hall school in north hollywood

Any more ask me on twitter cool :)


Happy Holidays

christmas holidays are here yay :)
i love christmas haha who wouldnt?

anyway i just wanted to wish you guys a happy holidays because you guys mean the world to me and dont forget to follow @itellefanning my only twitter and hopefully i will get a official site soon!

2010 is nearly here and 2009 was my best year so many great movies i did i miss all the good times.

thankyou for all my fans :)

- elle :)


i haven't updated my site in ages dont worry the only thing to update is been at school which has been cool studying and also done cheerleading with dakota yay

okay so some updates for you my movie somewhere should be out this year so keep an eye out for that haven't got exact date yet :(
vivaldi hasn't been filmed yet i got told that we will start filming it at beginning of 2010 but haven't yet. hopefully soon :D

i'm loving life and getting to stay in contact with you guys :)

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soon to be valentines day are you excited leave me messages on twitter

love you all

-elle x

Dakota's birthday, school and new twitter

well some new things have been happening recently. i got my old twitter hacked :( but i have a new one follow @followelle it will be awesome i promise ;)

dakota had her 16th birthday it was so awesome we went out for a meal it was so cool. my birthday is coming up i hope you all wish me a happy birthday :)

i have been busy with school, starting filming my new movie, going to auditions and enjoying life :)
thankyou for your support :)

i love you guys :)